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NBC: Save Parks and Recreation #savepawnee

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For the first time in decades, exciting opportunities are opening up for women in comedy. One of the television shows that best showcases strong female comedic talent is NBC's Parks and Recreation -- and rumor has it that NBC is only renewing the show for a shortened season that could well be its last. Shows like Parks and Rec, anchored by amazing women like Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza, are so important because they inspire funny females across the country to believe that we too can be successful in comedy.

As a female comedy duo, Firecracker, we look to major networks for both entertainment and jobs.  Women are greatly mis-and under-represented in the media, and shows like Parks and Rec are invaluable as an example of women blazing trails both on and off screen.

Although Ron Swanson might be content to let market forces slaughter one of the best shows on television, we're taking a cue from Leslie Knope to fight for our beliefs -- in this case, our deep-seeded belief that NBC Universal should renew Parks & Rec for another full season. We will stand up to big corporations like NBC and Sweetums, and we are not afraid to go to the press: we know that Perd Hapley and yes, even Joan Callamezzo will be on our side. GOTCHA!

We're not going to pull a Jerry and mess this up, we're going to treat ourselves to another full season of one of the best comedies in recent memory. (We love it even more than yellow-haired females love waffles and news.) And although we may have to accept the fact that Lil Sebastian is dead, as sure as Mouserat is the greatest band in the universe, WE WILL NOT REST UNTIL PARKS & REC IS RENEWED FOR A FULL SEASON. Nailed it.


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