Renew Midnight, Texas

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NBC has cancelled “Midnight, Texas” just before its second season’s finale. “Midnight, Texas” has a very passionate fan base that followed it through both seasons. “Midnight, Texas” did not have the best ratings, but in a time when people are pulling the plug on cable, these numbers aren’t the worst. This is especially true given that NBC never truly allowed “Midnight, Texas” to thrive. Much of the show’s advertising came from the cast and the fans. Due to scarce advertising, NBC made it nearly impossible for fans to watch it live because its time slot was inconsistent. It went from being a summer show on Mondays in season 1 to being a Friday night show in the overly saturated Fall line-up for season 2. Plus, NBC aired season 2 even later in the night. Even in season 2, the timeslot was inconsistent. After 6 episodes, season 2’s episodes started airing an hour earlier. How could NBC expect “Midnight, Texas” to survive this? Even in spite of this confusion, the ratings still managed to go up simply because of a better time slot. If NBC had given this show the attention it deserved, the ratings would have reflected this.