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NBC: Luke VanValin to announce freeskiing at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

As we go into the Games, ready to compete for our countries, and debut our sport for the first time, there is no one better than the proclaimed "Voice of Freesking" to represent and support us in one of the biggest moments of our lives.

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The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will be the debut of ski slopestyle and halfpipe in the Olympic Games, and the first major showcasing of our sport to the entire world. For the first time, viewers everywhere will become aware of the incredible athletes involved in the sport. With this being said, It is imperative that the presentation of our sport is carefully and skillfully conducted so as not to misrepresent the athletes, competitions, and ideologies of Freeskiing. In order to do so, we feel that the announcing team must have first hand knowledge of each athlete competing, their history, prior competition results, as well as significant life events and/or injuries. Due to the complexity of our sport, we feel that this is not something which can be studied over a few months, but something that takes years of involvement with the sport and athletes directly. Although someone can have knowledge of what tricks are, only certain people will be able to give the new viewers some history on where the sport began, the direction in which the sport is moving, who did the first double, the girl that landed the first 1080, etc. This information will not only be educational, but will keep the audience engaged. The fruitful 12 year history of our sport is the foundation on which we will stand, and our united front has been accomplished through countless examples of individual determination, glory, and loss. Our story is a compelling one, we must have a good story teller. We feel this to be a task that Luke Van Valin has unknowingly been preparing for over the last 8 years. He is involved at the ground level with these athletes, and as a former freeskiing competitor, he truly knows the sport inside and out. That being said, we the athletes of Freeskiing throughout the world would highly recommend that Luke Van Valin be the television announcer for ski slopestyle and halfpipe in their debut in Sochi.