Get NBC Good Girls To Apologize to The Asian Community for Lucy's Death

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Maya Lee-Morales started this petition to NBC and

The beloved television show, Good Girls, has three seasons. IN the latest season, We are introduced to a new character, Lucy. She is kind and sweet but the writers for NBC's Good Girls kills her off in the Season 3 Episode 5. Her death is sudden and unnecessary. In addition, this scene is TONE DEAF to the current climate in our country. Asian Americans are being killed in the street due to Xenophobia and anti-Asian racism. For Good Girls to include her violent death is traumatizing to the Asian Community and normalizes violence against Asian people. Good Girls is not the only notable tv show or movie that kills off the Asian character for the sake of the story. Unfortunately, this practice of offing the Asian is quite common in American media and entertainment. Often times, the Asian character is expendable and their death is only to advance the MAIN CHARCATER'S (often the WHITE) story or character development. 

As an Asian woman who identifies with Lucy's artistic and caring nature, it was traumatic for me to watch my favorite character be killed in such a violent, sudden, nonchalant manner. She was a valuable character that posed a threat to Beth and the girls' set up but at the same time, she was a beacon of hope for improvement. After her death, I could not manage to watch anymore of the show. It was so traumatic that I could not stomach whatever comes after. I tried to justify her death but I always came to the same conclusion: this is another instance of the expendable Asian. Except it hurt much worse especially during these times. With the massive rise of hate crimes against the Asian community, I suffer from anxiety and depression. I am doomed to worry tirelessly over the safety of my family and myself. Just last year, a family member was assaulted due to anti-Asian sentiment. A few weeks ago, I witnessed a racist verbal assult on a family member. To have to experience this violence and hate toward my own family and then see an Asian character who I identify with be killed off on TV has deteriorated my mental health. 

Television has more impact than you think. Violence against Asians has been normalized and perpetuated through media and entertainment. The entertainment industry has no problem killing the Asian character because their death is easier to swallow and makes an easy sacrifice for advancement of the plot. 

I believe the creators and writers of Good Girls can do better and can learn from this response. 

I am calling for NBC's Good Girls to:

1. Apologize to the Asian community for normalizing violence against Asians and for the unnecessary trauma you have caused. 

2. Take a stance on this issue of Asian American and Pacific Islander Hate. Stand with the Asian community and condemn this Anti-Asian sentiment in our country. 

3. Take out Lucy's death scene on Netflix, NBC Plus, and all streaming platforms where Good Girls in available. 

4. Finally, do a better job of including Asian characters without sacrificing them the way you did with Lucy's character. Set a new standard for Hollywood and make a change.

For more information about the expendable Asian character and Anti-Asian hate, please visit my Instagram pages or @maya.papaya.44 .

Also for statistics regarding Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, please visit this helpful and education website:

Lastly, to all signees, thank you for your support on this issue. Please continue to share and educate the public. 

I believe if we all come together, we can put an end to racism and discrimination against all marginalized groups. I believe in human kind. Thank you for your time. 

- Maya Lee-Morales

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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