Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back!!!!, but not The Last Man on Earth

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As of May 10th 2018 Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Andy Samberg) and The Last Man on Earth (Will Forte) have been cancelled.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine with a 95% score on Rotten tomatoes has been cancelled and will not return for a 6th season. Season 5 is still premiering on TV for the BNN. We hope to change Fox's mind. Or more importantly try to get HULU to scramble up a deal for the show and continue the epic Cop Comedy sitcom. Fox has decided to try and imitate NBC by letting one of its most top rated shows go. Cough Cough* Still not over the My Name is Earl incident * Cough Cough....

Also Cancelled in this list is a show that plays a part in my heart as well as many other fans hearts. The Last Man on Earth. This show has had me hooked since Day 1. A whopping 82% Score on Rotten Tomatoes. To only be cancelled after 4 seasons... uh what the frig just happened. Oh farts!!! The Cliffhanger will never be concluded and that just cant happen. I mean really Darnell Turner isn't the father of Earl Jr. then who is???? Sorry got off track... Dam you NBC!!!! Now DAM YOU FOX!!!!! 

Anyways we need your help. The More signatures the better. Change. org will be sending this letter to Fox Broadcasting Network, Netflix, HULU. JUST sign the petition and we may have a shot and winning these shows back before its too late!!!

(update) May 12th 2018 Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed by the original owner NBC of a sixth season!!!! We did it!!


The Last Man on Earth still hasn't seen it's chance at a return. Sign this petition and share it to NBC to see if they can save us once again! We really can't end the show like this. The show has so much more potential. if anyone can bring back this show, it's Tandy. The Tandy man can because he fixes it with a root beer bottle and makes the lemonade taste good.

LMOE Fans Where are you at???? Share!!

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