Don't cancel Bluff City Law!

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This show has a phenomenal audience rating of 88%. And its only going to get better from here on out.What more do you want NBC??

Bluff City Law is one of the best takes on legal drama I've seen in a while. The very fact that its set in Memphis sets it apart from other popular legal dramas such as Suits or How to Get Away With Murder. Personally, I believe it is unfair that NBC should hit pause on production simply because viewership is not up to mark. I'm not saying ratings and viewership don't matter, but they are not the the be all and end all factor. Many viewers, such as myself, do not have access to networks like ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox (I'm from India) and as such do not find it fair that shows bursting with potential are cut off before they can bloom. There are many shows till date which had so much potential but were scrapped because they weren't given a fair try: Firefly, Boston Legal and Arrested Development come to mind,the latter of which got axed mid-season with a measly 13 episodes in contrast to its previous season's 22 episode run. It appears Bluff City Law is following in its footsteps, as the network did order 6 additional scripts for Season 1, which are not going to be produced (as of now).

So, I humbly request viewers to please follow this up so that NBC doesn't cancel this show right off the bat. Give it a fighting chance at least.