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The NBA Draft lottery Needs to be Removed Immediately

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The NBA is an organization for professional basketball players in America. However, its also a business. The NBA tries to make the league fair, but it also sets restrictions and takes part in business to increase the profit and sales of the league. The draft lottery has long been a way the league increases its profits by deviously giving profitable franchises top picks in the draft, and it gives teams top picks in the draft that don't necessarily need them. 

In case you don't know what the the NBA draft lottery is its just a way the NBA determines who gets the first three picks in the NBA draft from the fourteen teams that didn't make the playoffs from the previous season. I won't get into great detail about how they they determine these top three picks but to simply put it they use a very well though out process that has to do with statistics and ping-pong balls. 

Now even though the worst team in the NBA has a great chance, of 25%, of winning the lottery its only happened three times since the system was implemented in 1985, according to Jason Patt of sbnation. On the other hand, there's been fives teams that have won the lottery despite having less than a 5% of winning. As a result, we've had superstar duos and super teams, like Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, which should've never been formed. These sorts of super teams, that make the league unfair and boring to watch, are continuously being formed and its infuriating me. 

As fans of the NBA, we want the league to be competitive and not have the same two teams make it to the finals every year. As fans of the NBA, we want games to be close and entertaining not thirty point blowouts. Lastly, as fans of the NBA we want to have fun. However, if we don’t fix the draft lottery soon the league we’ve come to know and love will slip right through our hands.  

By taking out the draft lottery and having the picks go in ascending order of teams’ records from the previous season, the league will have a fair draft that will eventually even out the playing field and make the NBA great again.

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