Make the NBA retire 24 across the league in memory of Kobe Bryant

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There’s no doubting the impact Kobe Bryant had on the game of Basketball. Kobe is the reason countless stars in the league started playing the game. His effect on the league is one so unique, that he could  go to any stadium in the league and be given the utmost respect by the fans. Without Bryant you don’t have a Joel Embiid, a Demar Derozan or a Jayson Tatum, among countless others. Love him or hate him, you gotta respect the greatness. I’m not here asking for any monetary donation whatsoever. I’m here asking you to sign this petition if you believe, like myself, that the NBA should retire the number 24 across the league, as a tribute to the one and only Black Mamba. He may have only ever been a Laker, but he had a special place in every fans heart. The mamba won’t be forgotten and les make sure of it by retiring 24 league wide. Send this to every NBA outlet you can and get this to Adam Silver. This is a tribute that needs to happen. #Retire24LeagueWide