Get Flight Reacts a 10 Day Contract with the Golden State Warriors

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Flight Reacts is a famous basketball YouTuber. His lifelong dream is to meet Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. Flight Reacts, one of the most influential people on Youtube uploads basketball videos. Getting a 10 day contract from his favorite team will be an achievement. Meeting his favorite player would be a dream come true for him. Flight's skills are much needed with the Warriors having a down year. With the NBA on hold because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the league would need to bring in more money. Having Flight Reacts on the team would increase revenue for the team. The league would come back sometime around June and Flight’s skills would definitely be top-notch by then helping the Golden State Warriors fuel their championship run. Spread the word and let’s get Flight on the team! Let's do it for the culture!!

PC: @flightbyjune on Instagram 

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