Save Navi Mumbai say no to slaughterhouse

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As a responsible citizen of India and Navi Mumbai, I am writing this petition in the strong opposition of construction of a slaughter house which has been announced recently by the Govt. As you all know the hazardous Covid-19 pandemic is already taking toll on all human beings which is caused by the spread of virus strains originated by animals and birds. If the abattoirs keep increasing then such pandemics will keep occurring and the penalty we are paying now will increase exponentially. Nature will punish us in an extremely harsh manner.

Slaughterhouses are also responsible for large outputs of greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, both major contributors to climate change. These gases are created both in the process of slaughter and by the degradation of wastewater. One slaughterhouse dump almost 13607771 kg  of contaminants including nitrogen, phosphorus, and ammonia into waterways in just one year. One of the biggest is its contribution to nitrate pollution. Nitrates are a major source of water contamination in agricultural communities and high nitrate levels in water can cause methemoglobinemia or blue baby syndrome, a fatal condition that impacts infants under six months and even adults. 

Therefore please stop this plan. Say BIG NO to slaughter house.