Navajo Nation and Animal Welfare

Navajo Nation and Animal Welfare

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Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and

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Started by Ann Gorman

Mr. President and Navajo Council Members,

Our Navajo reservation (at 27,000 square miles) has an animal overpopulation - it's estimated there are 400,000 stray dogs.  It's a common sight to see starving, scared animals hanging around gas stations, supermarkets, and fast-food places.  Even worse, are puppies who are abandoned on the roadsides, left to fend for themselves (until some caring person comes along to rescue them).

Neglected dogs contribute to a number of issues:  the spread of diseases (such as parvovirus, fleas/ticks, and mange), excessive puppy births, dogs running in packs and overall being a public nuisance and danger.  If you remember, a recent tragedy (Summer 2021) occurred in Fort Defiance, AZ, when 13-year-old Lyssa Rose Upshaw, while out jogging, was mauled and killed by 20 dogs! 

We need your support, as you are in the forefront of the news, show the Navajo people that animal care and responsible ownership needs to be taken seriously.  Provide increased funds and resources that will help with education programs, increased animal control facilities, and holding facilities (for adoptable animals).

Navajo, as well as non-Navajo, citizens are becoming more concerned, angry and tired of seeing animal neglect and abuse.  There are a small group of people who are picking up animals, fostering and working with non-reservation animal rescue organizations, thank goodness for them, they been so helpful, but we need as much resources and support as we can get to bring down animal overpopulation.

Please help us create a solution.  Thank you.





671 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!