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Stop plans to develop the Grand Canyon.

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According to this article -

"The vast 27,000 square-mile Navajo reservation abuts Grand Canyon National Park, and tribal leaders say they're losing out on tourist dollars and jobs for their people by leaving the land undeveloped. Navajo President Ben Shelly recently signed a nonbinding agreement that lists the gondola, a restaurant, a half-mile river walk, a resort hotel and spa and RV park among the attractions of a proposed development that he says will bring up to $70 million a year in revenue to the tribe and 2,000 jobs to the impoverished reservation."

With development of any part of this canyon, we attack the ecosystems within the canyon itself. This plan would bring pollution from tourists and the degradation of scenery in ways that cannot be undone.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular sights I've ever seen. I want this land protected from development for the benefit of future generations. We do not know what environmental impacts this development may have. We do know that it would cause an ugly display of commercialism in a pristine environment that people fought to protect.

The Navajo Reservation borders the eastern rim of the canyon. The water from the Colorado River flows south and west through the canyon. This means that any pollutants that contaminate the waterways by the tourists at the eastern edge of the park will affect the canyon as a whole!

Imagine seeing plastic bottles and bags and other garbage floating down the Colorado River!

Imagine the effects of other pollutants entering the Colorado River on the canyon's scenery!

Imagine looking to the west at fantastic scenery, then to the east at a gaudy tourist trap!

It's up to us to keep this land protected. Fight this development. Sign the petition.

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