Tell Nationwide Pet Parents Won't Roll Over

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**If Nationwide has done this to you, please contact me at or on FB at Saving Reece or Twitter @ReeceSaving. Speaking to an attorney about a class action suit, we need your story!***

Since February 2018, Nationwide Pet Insurance has made an already difficult situation miserable for our family. We adopted Reece,a 9 month old Boxer puppy on February 1, after fostering her for less than one week. Believing we were protecting her, we enrolled her in Nationwide Pet Insurance, and chose the best plan available. The rescue had provided a wellness exam and UA on January 30, at which time her vet saw no indication of any health issues. Reece had very little potty training and had just moved into a new home, accidents were to be expected. After a couple of weeks, the accidents stopped.  On February 19, Reece suddenly began having accidents at night. Her waiting period had passed and we visited the vet for a blood test on February 23.  We were shocked to discover Reece was in kidney failure, at only 9 months.  She immediately began the expensive treatment necessary to save her life as well as several diagnostics to determine the cause.  Nationwide has denied all treatment and testing, citing the condition as pre-existing, despite lack of proof or indication that she was in trouble prior to Feb 16, 2018. They ignored the diagnosis of the vet, made up their own diagnosis and ignored any part of her medical record that contradicts what they wanted the diagnosis to be.  We have attempted to appeal the decision, provided pages of documentation which contradicts their determination and they continue to deny and deceive. This has resulted in countless hours wasted attempting to receive benefits we paid for,  which should have been used to care for and enjoy the precious little time Reece will have with us. 

Nationwide Pet Insurance has made it quite clear that they believe pet parents are gullible and weak and will not stand up to them. On the advice of an attorney, we filed a complaint with our State Department of Insurance.  Nationwide is aware of the investigation, yet is bold enough to continue their discpicable ways.

Egregious Business Practices of Nationwide:

1)Multiple delays in processing. a) After receiving review request, sent a policy revision including a new inaccurate diagnosis in the mail.  Phone representative claims review is not final.  When pointed out that if the policy has been revised, a decision has obviously been made and this is yet another stall tactic, rep becomes dismissive.  When his demeanor is addressed, rep states "You already know what's going on, and there is nothing I can do about it." b) Waited 27 days to send a questionnaire to the vet, asking questions already answered in the medical record, then needed another 30 days after receiving the questionnaire.

2)Lack of communication- delayed claims processing 30 days only to deny stating they needed records.  Not once in 30 days did anyone request records from us or the vet.

3)Ignore medical records and the expertise of a licensed veterinarian because they believe they know better

4)Use only half of a sentence which supports their theory while ignoring the other half of the SAME sentence which disproves it. Example "pt is having accidents at night, owner doesn't know if she's had any training" Nationwide refers to the portion of the statement referring to accidents, ignores the portion referring to lack of training.

5)Standing up for Reece's rights lead to further stall tactics.

6)Representative suggested our vet call their Vet Helpline so they could explain why the vet's diagnosis was incorrect.  

7)Website claims to offer Whole Pet policy, but after entering information for a quote, the only options I was given was Major Medical or Major Medical + Wellness. MM + Wellness pays based on an unrealistic fee schedule. Example: Renal failure, either Acute or Chronic, $815 if primary diagnosis (Per YEAR), $325 as secondary.  This amount was exceeded in the first three days following diagnosis. After six months, expenses exceed $5000. Why wasn't the Whole Pet Plan offered? Discrimination based on breed? False advertising? 

We know we are not the only pet parents to be treated this way by Nationwide.  We have made it our mission to make sure every pet parent in America knows how Nationwide treats its customers and their beloved family members.  We don't want another family to have to fight this battle while losing a pet. They say they "protect what matters most" to make people believe they care about their pets. Their deceptive and unscrupulous tactics to deny claims, combined with a complete lack of communication and lies from indifferent phone representatives prove that what matters most to Nationwide is your money.  Help us tell Nationwide that pet parents won't roll over! Please sign this petition and share with other pet owners.  Tell Nationwide we've had enough of their scam!