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Nationwide Cigarette Butt Ban and Recycling Program for Australia

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Cigarette Butts have been the worlds biggest pollution problem in recent times with 4.5 Trillion butts littered each year globally and over 7 Billion butts littered in Australia. This has had devastating impacts to the environment and the health of wildlife, marine life and the human population. The major toxic and polluting component of the cigarette is the filter. Cigarette filters are made from hazardous and polluting chemicals and materials including Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead and Acetate Plastic. During and after use of a cigarette these harmful chemicals are released into the air, earth and waterways. The acetate plastic component of the filter remains intact for years before breaking down, and has been found in the stomaches of many birds and other wildlife who have mistaken it for food. These environmental and health impacts can be eliminated by making available smarter eco-sustainable tobacco products and recycling options to the smoking community.

It would be great to implement a national ban on cigarette filters, forcing tobacco companies to design filter-less tobacco products to prevent any further cigarette butt pollution, and as a minimum implement a national recycling program for used cigarette butts.  It is a shame we do not currently have any of these..??

There have been cigarette butt recycling campaigns launched in the past by Terracycle in Australia which have had a very healthy impact on our environment while the program was operating. Terracycle have ceased the cigarette butt recycling campaign recently due to tobacco companies and the government failing to fund and support the recycling program.  The efforts of the Tobacco Companies and our Government in addressing post consumer pollution with cigarettes clearly have not been good enough and this is unacceptable.  

Help us send a strong message and request to Parliament and Tobacco Companies to make a stronger commitment to our health and environment and implement a national cigarette butt ban, and/or at least re-implement and fund a nation-wide Cigarette Butt Recycling Program and Strategy for Australia.  


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