Stop Promoting Violent Sex at NUS

Stop Promoting Violent Sex at NUS

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Hope Leow started this petition to National University of Singapore and

tFreedom is an NUS-approved interest group in a student residential programme called Tembusu College. It is led by students and guided by professors and aims to be “an LGBTQIA+-affirming community that aims to build a more diverse and inclusive college.” [1]

Promoting Violent Sexual Fetishes

tFreedom is organising a talk that glamorises “creative” bondage sex [2]. Such dangerous fetishes should never be promoted in an educational institute. Such content should be “Restricted” because it facilitates violent sexual fantasies among students.

Parents entrust their children to the College to provide them safety and a professional education. Such events:

  1. Break the trust of parents,
  2. Promote physically dangers sex acts that are life-threatening and
  3. Induce moral harm to students who agonise resisting lewd sexual temptations promoted by tFreedom.

Promoting Loose Sexual Behaviour

Besides this talk, tFreedom also actively conducts weekly sessions where members talk about their sex and masturbation experiences [3]. This is done under an arm of tFreedom called "Let's Talk About Sex".

There is no educational value for such a weekly discussion because these dialogues only stimulate sexual fantasies. It is deeply troubling that tFreedom, an official interest group mentored by professors, should even conceive such an immoral practice. Tembusu College is:

  1. Not transparent with applicants and parents about the radical approach to its LGBT advocacy, and
  2. Irresponsible for offering official platforms for their children to discuss their sexual fantasies.

As concerned citizens, we are appalled, and we need an explanation from MOE and NUS about:

  1. Why such practices are permitted?
  2. If they are not permitted, how did professors in Tembusu College permit or encourage such immoral and dangerous content?
  3. What will be done to safeguard the safety and morality of Singapore's educational institutes?




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0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!