National Trust: Cancel The Surrey Union's invitation to meet at Netley House

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On the 1st December 2018, The Surrey Union fox hunt illegally hunted and killed a young fox. Shortly after, the National Trust conversed with the hunt and agreed that it was best to cancel the upcoming licences to hunt on National Trust land. 

However, we are now aware that Netley House, at Gomshall, a property owned by the National Trust, will host The Surrey Union's Meet on 23rd February 2019. 

After hunters, horses and hounds meet at Netley House for drinks and conversation, they will commence hunting and wreak havoc on the surrounding countryside. 

We know that The Surrey Union cannot be trusted to hunt within the law, and are therefore shocked that the National Trust continues to support the Surrey Union by allowing them onto their properties. 

We'd like to ask the National Trust, ‘why would you would allow The Surrey Union hunt back on your land, when you know that they are illegally hunting?’ 

We are pre-empting the usual National Trust response that so many of us have received - that they do not support hunting, and that The Surrey Union is a legal trail hunt. We know otherwise. 

Therefore, AAF Surrey have started a petition asking The National Trust to revoke the Netley House invitation from The Surrey Union and instead help protect our wildlife, as they should be doing.  Please sign, and share far and wide. 

Thank you