Ban duck boats NOW

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Given the recent unspeakable, unimaginable tragic losses of life in the Branson, MO accident and based upon the sheer number of fatalities in recent years, the time has come for the NTSB to issue an immediate ban on duck boats. Duck boats are unsafe by their very design (a heavy, amphibious canopied vehicle is a recipe for disaster) and all should cease operations effective immediately.

It is true that tourists have a false sense of security when they are on vacation and most probably do not understand the inherent risks of these vehicles and that they are unsafe even under the best of circumstances.  Duck boats are particularly attractive to young children, who see a resemblance in the boats to their school bus and also the yellow duck whistles given out to children increase their appeal. As a parent, I could see myself embarking into this unbelieveably risky ride to make my child happy.  Indeed, videos on youtube show happy tourists with babies on their laps with not a life vest in sight, seemingly unaware of the danger this involves.

The requirement of life vests should not be a valid enough reason to continue to justify these reckless vehicles. They must be deemed unsafe once and for all with an immediate ban of all operations in this country.