Introduction of a 3 Day Tax Saver Ticket for Commuters

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Covid-19 has changed the working life of so many commuters. More people are working from home than ever before and will continue to do so into the future.

We need to reflect what has become the new norm.

We have started a Campaign to call on the National Transport Authority to introduce a 3 day Tax Saver ticket alongside their Annual and Monthly tickets.

If you travel to work on Irish Rail, Dublin City Bus, the Luas or provincial bus operators you are entitled to avail of a Tax Saver Ticket. The cost is deducted directly from the employees Gross salary, and savings of between 28.5% and 52%  can be made off the regular price, depending on ticket type and your tax band.

By introducing a 3 Day Ticket, we will allow commuters, who may only need to be in the office two or three days a week to have more flexibility and save money.

This is a simple idea and if we are successful, it will benefit every commuter in the country.

If you are a commuter, if you want a 3 Day Tax Saver Ticket, please sign our petition.