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It is very important to teach young children to be kind to animals and to have respect for all living beings…as it will become a blueprint for how they will treat others throughout their lives.

Unfortunately children are not always taught how to behave towards animals at home and can end up getting injured when boundaries are tested.

Every animal has the right to defend himself when threatening or aggressive, cruel and violent behavior is inflicted on the unsuspecting and trusting family pet, homeless dog and cat or wild animal. Many children begin to test their power on helpless and frightened animals by kicking, hitting, sitting, burning, and other forms of torture and if they are not corrected and taught that it is wrong early on, that cruel behavior will carry on to their siblings, classmates and others.

It is a known fact that violence towards animals ends up as violence towards mankind.

Bringing humane education to the young does not have to come out of the school budget. There are many animal welfare organizations in the community who would gladly come to lecture, or have field trips, where both children and their parents can participate together and help to keep them safe. It will bring about a positive change for all.

Thank you,

Sandy Spiwak-Wallin

Animal rights activist and author of the book, Sandy and Sandy A Tail of Love