"Safal" of Delhi to stop using single use plastic for packing fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Unlike other fruit and vegetable sellers in Delhi, the "Safal" outlets of Mother Dairy in Delhi use Thermocole trays or Shrink films or netted plastic bags for packaging some fruits and vegetables. It is painful to see 3 pomegranates or 2 apples or 1/4 kg Bhindi or even Chillies and Limes being sold in Thermocole or Shrink fit film packages. Some photos are attached. These outlets do have efficient and fast weighing machines (sometimes 2 in an outlet) equipped not only to weigh but also display the payable Rupee amount. These machines are in any case used for unpackaged fruits and vegetables. So, why for some fruits and vegetables should they be adopting the single use plastic packaging when the whole world including the Governments in India are saying no to plastics, especially the single use types?

Please share this petition among your group in social media to convey in large numbers to Safal Management to adopt eco- friendly packaging or no packaging.