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End Georgia Bill for the Confiscation of Legally Purchased Weapons

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Georgia House Bill 731 calls for the confiscation of automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons and certain types of ammunition from law abiding citizens. It would also make those citizens who do not turn in their weapons a felon. The fact remains that statistically citizens who purchase weapons legally do not commit crime with guns. The actual number is one one-thousandth of a percent. So we are talking about less then one percent, yet we are ready to punish those who abide by the law and put a strain on our Second Amendment rights. Why not stop illegal firearms from continuing to traffic into our Great Nation and put an end to illegal firearm sales. Criminals could care less what gun legislation states, because they are lawbreakers in the first place. To boot House Bill 731 will make a law-abiding citizen who owns certain weaponry and/or ammunition a felon if they do not turn in their weapon and ammunition. So now we are deeming a citizen who followed the law to the T, a felon? Which by definition is a cruel and wicked person who disobeys order and law. This bill affects all law abiding citizens who are exercising their right to bear arms and would not focus on the real issue. Stop punishing the do-gooder and start punishing the evil-doer.

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