Gun law reform, protect America and end gun violence

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I'm a high school student who no longer feels safe at school after Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, all some of the deadliest school shootings the United States has seen, and there have been countless others. This isn't even taking into consideration the amount of non-school mass shootings. My question is how many innocent people, and children who didn't get a chance at life, have to die before change happens? Kids as low as 7 years old have asked parents to buy them different shoes so that if there is a shooter, their shoes don't light up giving away their position. Schools have become a place where you go to not just wondering if you'll pass a test, but wondering if this will be the day you die. That is why I am petitioning the NRA to reform the gun laws.

For one I believe that fully automatic and semi-automatic weapons should not be available to the public. However semi-automatic can be purchasable with a hunting license. Pistols should only have access to .22 ammunition, no higher than .22 caliber. You can have a .32 magnum revolver and a .44 magnum with a concealed carry license.

Secondly, I believe security in school needs to be increased. We need more federal funding for schools. Security guards at school should be armed with tasers, that way not to kill a possible shooter but to stop them.

Lastly, we need stricter laws on who can purchase guns. We need stricter background checks for those who wish to purchase a weapon. We need background checks to lock people out of guns who suffer from mental illness.

Parents shouldn't have to send their kids to school worrying about a shooting, and kids shouldn't have to go to school worrying about death. Nobody should be worrying about getting shot from just going to a concert, walking down the street of a city to pick up some groceries, or any other normal everyday task people do every day. That is why I'm calling on all of you to take action now by signing this petition, together we can make a change and put an end to these horrible actions.

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