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Don't take away the peoples RIGHT to own PET CATS on Kangaroo Island

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Living on Kangaroo Island, I have been dismayed with the 3 stage project that has been initiated on KI without prior consultation with any pet cat owners.

When we bought our property in 2015 we firstly received permission from the Council to have our cats. There was no mention at that stage of any phasing out of pet cats. I was actually a registered breeder of Siamese and Orientals cats and had permission to establish my 30 year old registered cattery - Xarifa there.

The latest by-law on cats on the island has been released by the KI Council which in theory sounds great. But as in the past, how is it going to be managed?

When council created laws for pets cats on the island, it would have been a simple task at that stage for Council to implement ways of ensuring all cats were, 1. registered. 2. desexed 3. microchipped. This has not been done, there are no checks in place as far as I am aware.

Going by the 3 stage project (below) when my current cat/s die I will not be given council permission to replace them. So as a pet cat owner, who relies on my pets for company, enjoyment and healthy interaction....who are all enclosed on my property, registered, now desexed and microchipped be penalised for councils inaction. 

Now we need to act before the powers to be, take away all our rights to own pets....whether it be cats or maybe even in the future....dogs.

I will be taking this further with the residents of the island, and believe we and our cats are being crucified for a council error in the past.

Included are some links for powerful reading.

Three stage project
Stage 1. 2015-2018

Trial feral cat control techniques, establish baseline monitoring programs and establish a process for gradual phasing out of all cats.

Stage 2. 2018 - 2021

Eradicate feral cats from the Dudley Peninsula, monitor success of control actions and initiate a gradual phasing out of all cat ownership.

Stage 3. 2021 - 2030

Eradicate feral cats from Kangaroo Island, monitor success of control and continue with the phasing out of all cat ownership.


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