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National Religious Broadcasters: Drop The Institute on the Constitution

Cincinnati Area Pastors is a multi-ethnic group of evangelical leaders, committed to creating and preserving unity in the Body of Christ. It has come to our attention that NRB airs, and endorses, a program by Michael Peroutka: Institute on the Constitution. Mr. Peroutka is an unashamed board member of the League of the South, and has pledged his business and family resources to that effort. League of the South is a neo-Confederate movement endorsing secession from the current government, and a return to the Confederate Constitution of 1861. League of the South’s main goal is to see the South become a separate nation led only by whites. Its leader, Michael Hill, applauds slavery, as well as Jim Crow; and is vehemently against multiculturalism and diversity. 

Our commitment to unity makes it impossible for us to overlook this promotion by the NRB. As leaders, we must hold NRB responsible for the divisive ideology it has espoused through connection with Mr. Peroutka. Our specific issues with the NRB are as follows: 

We contend that one cannot separate Michael Peroutka from his alliance to League of the South. 

We contend that by endorsing Michael Peroutka, NRB also endorses secessionism and extreme anti-American government sentiments. 

We contend that NRB is responsible for giving Mr. Peroutka an enormous platform of influence and sway within the Body of Christ. 

We contend that NRB is also promoting the racial divide within the Body of Christ, by promoting someone who idealizes the Confederate Constitution. 

We contend that NRB has left its guiding principle and “holy obligation to boldly and creatively proclaim a Christ-centered Gospel, rather than a ‘man-centered’ message.” A company cannot promote pro-slavery documents and still proclaim a Christ-centered Gospel. 

We contend that NRB cannot promote a man who is against multiculturalism without promoting the division of the Body of Christ along color and ethnic lines. 

The Cincinnati Area Pastors contacted Frank Wright, CEO and president of NRB, three weeks ago with our concerns. Mr. Wright acknowledged receipt of our concerns and has chosen to take no action regarding the course. 

Therefore, we are urging all pastors and their congregations to take action. 

Letter to
NRB Network Troy A. Miller
CEO, NRB Network Troy Miller
President, National Religious Broadcasters Jerry Johnson
Please consider the divisive nature of the Institute on the Constitution's course which was featured on the NRB Network for 12 weeks. I ask that you recognize the incredible pain caused by your promotion of a Confederate view of the Constitution and the nation. The racial divide in the church remains great and is widened by promotion of the Institute on the Constitution which has been pledged by founder Michael Peroutka to further the aims of the League of the South.

We ask that you express regret for broadcasting the Institute's course and decry the ideology Michael Peroutka and the League of the South espouse. Furthermore, we ask that you meet with Cincinnati Area Pastors to discuss the issues raised by giving a platform to a board member of the League of the South.

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