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Permanently Commemorate Barack H. Obama & Franklin D. Roosevelt in Mt. Rushmore National Memorial


Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama, having led our nation back from economic hardship, through civil rights struggles, and having sought to make the federal government more transparent to Americans, have left their everlasting and permanent legacy upon the nation. They deserve commemoration in Mount Rushmore, alongside our nation's other greatest leaders.

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Having brought America out of the most tragic economic conditions in its entire history through his New Deal programs and having carried the U.S. through perhaps the most devastating war in global history, FDR reluctantly served two additional terms in office as Commander-in-Chief, placing the nation he loved ahead of his own needs and his failing health.

More recently, President Barack Obama, having implemented heavy economic reforms during his first term, helped to prevent a second Great Depression. His Administration paved the way for remarkable civil rights advances unseen since the 1960s. He brought transparency back to federal government, much as FDR had in his Fireside Chats. Finally, he initiated steps to bring about the end of a war, that had been needlessly prolonged by Republicans in the federal government for over 10 years and strengthened our international alliances.

These two Presidents share many qualities with one another and will live on within the hearts of Americans for many generations to come. They deserve our permanent commemoration in Mt. Rushmore; I urge you to approve their addition to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Thank you.

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