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Allow Sororities To Have Alcohol In Their Chapter Houses

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According  to Panhellenic regulation, sororities are not allowed to have alcohol in their houses. I believe that this rules contributes to the high rate of sexual assault in college and, specifically, within Greek life. Young women are not allowed to have parties with alcohol in their homes and, if they want to go to party, they have to go to a fraternity house. Fraternities serve the alcohol and control the environment of the party. This makes it so that women do not have control and are at a higher risk of sexual assault. If women were to have the power, they could control what type of drinks, the strength of the drinks and the quantity of drinks that are served. They also could control who enters into the party, rather than going to a fraternity house and not knowing who is at the party.

From an equality standpoint, it makes no sense for women to be targeted with this sexist law. If you are a person of legal drinking age, you should be allowed to drink alcohol. Gender should have no influence over this. The law is extremely patronizing and doesn’t have the positive influence that the Panhellenic committee prides themselves for. This law puts your women in danger and continues to affirm the damaging patriarchy in the college system.

Alcohol is used as a weapon for perpetrating sexual assault and is the number one date rape drug. It is unrealistic and impossible to ban alcohol from college students, but we can control where they drink it. By allowing sororities to drink alcohol in their homes, I believe that the rate of sexual assault will start to decline.

Getting rid of this ban doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the sororities will start drinking in their homes, but it gives them the option to make the decision that the men are already awarded simply by virtue of their gender.

One of the largest arguments against this lifting of the ban is that insurance companies would charge the sororities more because of the liability of alcohol consumption on their property. Yes, it will be more expensive to cover insurance costs but I believe that you can’t put a price tag on protecting women from sexual assault. In regards to funding, requesting that women pay the same amount of dues to counteract the insurance is a completely reasonable request.

I believe that abolishing the policy that forbids sororities from drinking alcohol in their homes will have a major influence on the rate of sexual assaults in the Greek system. As the executive director, I hope that you will use your power to make a change in the Panhellenic system that will create a powerful ripple effect in regards to ending sexual assault.

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