Stop National Museums Of Scotland Killing 299 Trees!

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Scotland's Museum Of Flight occupies a large site in the beautiful East Lothian countryside. As part of its redevelopment plan, museum bosses want to fell 299 trees so that they can more easily move planes. 

The Woodland Trust, Rewilding East Lothian and many locals strongly oppose this. At a time of climate emergency and with wildlife habitats already in rapid decline, it is extremely shortsighted to chop down a mature swathe of wood. Planting young trees as a 'replacement' is not sufficient. It takes decades for a woodland to reach maturity and The Woodland Trust describes what is planned by The Museum Of Flight as nothing less than 'direct loss of irreplaceable ancient woodland'.

We call on National Museums Of Scotland, who run the Museum Of Flight, to abandon this plan. Any redevelopment of the museum must be sensitive to the unique and vulnerable environment around it, and to the fact that both East Lothian Council and the Scottish Government have now declared a climate emergency. 

Please sign this petition to demand that National Museums Of Scotland respect natural heritage by abandoning their proposed destruction of 299 valuable trees.