NIT Karnataka Students request for adjustment of extravagant fees during CORONA Pandemic

NIT Karnataka Students request for adjustment of extravagant fees during CORONA Pandemic

7 January 2021
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National Institute of technology karnataka NITK
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Why this petition matters

Director & Concerned Authorities of Administration
NITK, Surathkal
This Email is being written to bring in Notice Regarding the concerns of the students concerning the
Fees submitted for Odd Semester 2020-2021 started on 5th October, 2020.
We are amid a deadly pandemic started due to the novel Corona virus a few months ago, which has
forced the entire world to shut down all activities and stay at home. The answer to when this
Pandemic will end is uncertain and unpredictable. All mathematical assumptions made by experts
until now have been proven wrong. The virus has been dominating all the medical inventions
available and being developed, and thus, there is still a long way for us to go and say that Pandemic
has ended.
We still do not have any Dates on when the Institute will Re-open. And recently the new Corona
strain cases are increasing which is told to be more dangerous than the previous one as well as the
number of cases with old symptoms is rising every day, we feel that the Probability of Opening of
Educational Institutions soon is very feeble.
The main Concern of the Students is the Fee Structure which is being kept Intact (same), as before
even after the Financial Impacts of Covid-19.
The Main Points of Concern about the Fees are as Follows:
The point, No.1). The Institute conducted online classes from October 5th, 2020 due to the Pandemic
& is still closed keeping the Safety of Students in mind. However, we all had already paid for the Full
Tuition Fees & Institute Fees at the Time of Registration, but the Components, as mentioned below,
were charged fully. We understand the Tuition Fees being Charged Full because we had Online
Classes & Examinations, but the Components being mentioned below remain unutilized by the
S.No. Components Fees
1 Health Care Facility Rs 1050
2 Student Activities Fee Rs 4200
3 Swimming Pool Fees Rs 1050
4 Campus Amenities Rs 1050
And more which we are utilised and not going to utilize them in next sem also. 
Soon we also need to submit the fees for 2nd semester as this semester is coming towards its end.
Suggestion- Do the Reverse Calculations & Adjust the Fees in the Fees Structure of the Coming
The point, No. 2). The Institute is Still Closed keeping the Students Safety in Mind, then why are the
Students being asked to pay for the Components in the Fees, which would not be utilized by the
Students. The Components Sum up to Rs 7350, as mentioned before.
The Institute is well aware that due to the Impacts of Covid-19 & the Lockdown in the Country, the
Income of our Parents, is severely affected  by Pay Cuts for the Employed Parents & Loss due to
Business Closure for Self Employed Parents. Most of us have already faced difficulties in sustaining a healthy life in the Past Months & all the Financial Structure & Planning of our Families are disturbed,
and all over this, the duty of paying fees is transitioning into a burden.
We should not mention that, but since it is an Important Concern, it should also be noted that the
Institute is already benefitting from reduced running costs of facilities from this change, including
electricity, air-conditioning, water usage, & less maintenance to name a few. Despite such an impact,
there has not been a single change made in the Institute fees for the Semester.
We are not asking for a reduction in Tuition Fees. The tuition fee for the Salaries for the Teachers
should remain intact as they need to be paid as they have done their best to Support the Students
during this Pandemic in all Forms. Even we do not have any argument against the Institute
Development Fees that includes the Development done in the Institute, workers and helper’s fees,
the security, and all the human resource expenses should remain the same However, even after
taking that entire amount, there is a considerable fraction in the Semester fees taken from the
students for other facilities.
Even the government and education minister has reminded the organizations that they should not
force students or members to pay fees or other amounts quickly and reduce them as much as
possible. Many universities have extended and reduced fees to ensure the betterment of their
students. Even many PILs are registered in Supreme Court for the same.
Reference of the Links for the Same-
Along with that student of Other IIT’s, NIT’s and other reputed Institutions are protesting for the
same & have got Positive Results from the Institution.
Reference of the Links for the Same-

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Signatures: 712Next Goal: 1,000
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