National Hockey League (NHL): Prevent Head Injuries!

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My husband's head injury history in hockey has profoundly impacted his life and health.  You do not want this to happen to your son, husband, brother, friend, male or female. Head injury is a very serious event, and a 'one time event' can change the course of a life.

Even with emerging science regarding CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and repeated mild brain trauma or "sub-concussive impacts", we have enough information to act, to reduce risk, and do what we can to prevent head injury.

We, the fans, the families and friends of players, want the National Hockey League, especially Gary Bettman and team owners, to provide leadership in preventing head injuries.

As the wife of an NHL alumnae/player, Gene Carr (New York Rangers, LA Kings), the daughter of an AHL player (Orv Lavell), and the mother of a son who played minor hockey, I want more safety for players at every level, and especially in the NHL, whom we look to for leadership.

This means no fighting and collaboration with independent experts.

We look forward to rapid implementation of game changes that prevent head injury in hockey players.

The Happy Photo above of Gene and I:  Sometimes a moment is captured... the reality of our lives is one of Great Accommodation for this thing called Head Injury. Life with head injury is not always happy. We are thankful for moments like this at the 36th Annual Nassau Crescent Boxing Day road hockey game in Kelowna. (Go to the FB group link below for a larger group photo :)

Gene Carr is my hero for the courage it takes to show up every day and live with brain injury. The private grief Gene and I have experienced is not something I want for anyone else. We want Leadership in Preventing Head Injury from the NHL and we want it now.

Gene recommends:

1. better protocols

2. like the NFL, if players fight they are ejected from the game and fined

3. all money from fines go to a fund to help treat  former players with head injuries

Go to Facebook Group: GAME CHANGE FOR THE LOVE OF HOCKEY for background information and inspiration.

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Together we can make sure the NHL leads the way to making hockey safer through taking care of the brain health of players.