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Stop Deforestation to Build roads

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Roads have been an important part of our day-to-day life. Everyone wants to have clean big and wide roads in their city or village or town. The reason behind this is increasing number of vehicles. So obviously every person want Their govt to provide good quality roads without potholes, cracks, speed breakers and the govt puts up their efforts to achieve this.

However development by deforestation is something we all do not want. Everyday I see 5-6 trees roadside trees cut down by the people just to increase the width of the road. And they are damaged from the roots so that they could not grow back again. The Mumbai Pune express Highway had an ample of trees on roadside but now I'd you travel trough the route there's not even a single tree left.

This affects the Global Warming as you all know. Increased pollution, increased temperature, impure air, increased CO2 levels and other such problems have been increasing due to cutting of trees. 

Sign this petition to reach to the NHAI and ask them to stop these deforestation process. If it is not stopped soon there will be no trees left. Imagine riding on road in the hot weather with sun on your head and not even a single shadow on the road to help you relax. Imagine yourself trying to walk on roads in 48deg. With no tree to provide you share or rest.

So let's ask NHAI to stop the act of cutting trees for increasing width of roads.

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