Make it a statutory duty for GPs to refer for cancer investigations within 2 weeks

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Our mother sadly died of Oesophageal Cancer in August 2019. Due to the GP surgery not making a referral under the 2 week NICE guidelines for relevant investigations to be undertaken, she did not receive a firm diagnosis about her condition until 3 weeks before she died.

She approached the GP in January 2019 but could not get an appointment until February 2019.  The delay in referral had a catastrophic impact on our mother being able to access other diagnostic and palliative care services and meant that she was left taking Neurofen for over three months when she had stage 4 cancer which had spread throughout her body.

We understand from other people and many Facebook groups that delays in these essential referrals being made by GPs are not uncommon and they are costing people their lives, their right to appropriate care and their right to a comfortable, pain-managed, death. Please help us to make the two week referral law rather than just guidance. We understand that GPs are under a great deal of pressure. By making the referral process a legal obligation, it will help to save lives.