Save 26 Lakes of Sarjapura Hobli. Stop Debris and Garbage Dump, Revive our Lakes.

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Living in the outskirts of Bengaluru, 26 Lakes in a radius of 7 kms in Sarjapura Hobli is our only hope for WATER. With a Petition on we request everyone (including Government Authorities) to support us to revive and rejuvenate Lakes in and around Sarjapura area. Bring this lakes back to life for the long term survival of Ground Water Table and avert disastrous water crisis in coming years.

AIM of the Sarjapura.RWA (SRWA):

  • To Revive and Save the 26 Lakes in Sarjapura
  • Find ways and means to interconnect the lakes
  • Create an Awareness campaign among the residents of Sarjapura
  • Make the  Govt Officials, Panchayats aware that the residents are concerned about the Lakes, and actively work with them to find solutions, starting immediately.

About Sarjapura:
Sarjapura village/town is located in the south of Bangalore Urban District. A small group of residents in the area who had been concerned about the obvious encroachments and the depletion of the water table at the lakes started to visit the lakes that they knew of to see how corrective measures could be taken. Much to their astonishment, they realized that Sarjapura has about 26 lakes in a radius of 7 kms! The largest lake of these is approximately of 271 acres in size, according to documents at the Anekal Planning Authority. 

The most important step to ensure that Sarjapura remains a place where people can live with water availability, is to ensure that the lakes stay alive, and serve as a catchment for rain water, sustain the ecological life that is around them. This is an area of grave concern for residents who are spending lakhs of rupees on their dream homes in Sarjapura area, and who may not be in a habitable environment a decade from now!

Sarjapura.RWA is very concerned that taking immediate action is the only way to avert a huge disaster.

Details of 26 Lakes:

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