Save Peacock Valley - National Bird in Danger in Odisha!!!

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Peacock valley is in  danger due to a 40 acre Chicken research project at Naraj Firing range. 

2000 Trees will be Cut down

150 Peacocks will be Homeless

40 Acres Green Cover will be lost

A Chicken Research Centre, Being built by Central Govt of india with support from the Govt of Odisha.

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Peacock Valley, is a popular place in Naraj where 150 peacocks live in a small village forest but with a bondage with Humans. They come out for grains everymoring & evening whichwas supplied by Mr Panu Behera once upon a time. 

The story goes 2 decades back. Post super cyclone in 1999 in Odisha, few peacocks sheltered in a small forest near the Naraj Firing Range at Cuttack. A noble person Mr Panu Behera saw them and tried to save the wild bird.

Within two years, three peacocks became five, and the number kept increasing. There are almost 150 peacocks there today, prompting the area to be called as ‘Peacock Valley.’

Soon, people from surrounding areas came to know about it and started flocking to see the peacocks up close.

If the project is built then the national bird will  be the biggest looser. Chicken research firm can be built else where. But this rare scenic environment can not be recreated. This is a rare location where peacocks live with a bondage with humans and Trust!!! Please sign this petition to save the helpless peacocks.


Change the Location - There are numerous options to avail land for commercial purpose, but destroying a wildlife corridor can not be a solution. The Govt can change the location. 

And Declare the location as a wildlife Sanctuary. Also Many visitors come to this place to have a glance of this beautiful bird on open sky surrounded by a hilly green landscape. This is an amazing place for eco tourism. Govt must consider this heritage site as an eco tourism spot. Lets not forget Odisha is the only state in India that witnesses the divine bondage of Human & National Animal(Tiger Khairi, Similipal Forest, 1970-80) and now Human & the National Bird (Naraj, Cuttack)

After all it is about protecting environment, wildlife and respecting our National Bird. Jai Hind!!!

Requested to the Following Govt Bodies:

The Collector, Cuttack, Odisha

Divisional Forest Officer, Cuttack Forest Division, Cuttack

Forest Dept, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC)

Chief Minister- Odisha,

Minister of Environment and Forests- Odisha,

Prime Minister-Narendra Modi,