Destroying the Amazon is Killing Our Planet

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The Brazilian Government, under the leadership of its President Jair Bolsonaro, is using the cover of the pandemic to increase environmental deregulation, rapidly destroying the Amazon's rainforest. These are the lungs of our planet and home to about 400 indigenous tribes with unique cultures and languages. Some of these tribes remain "uncontacted".

Like pandemic, our climate emergency does not respect borders. Brazil's Government, through this action, is not just accelerating the destruction of our global climate. It is also leading a genocide of its indigenous tribes.

We have limited ability to influence Brazil's domestic policies even though, right now, they obliterate ecosystems, species and cultures. One option we retain is the ability to pressure our governments to exert pressure on Brazil to stop this destruction through the threat of economic embargo or political veto.

Signing and sharing this petition with your friends and followers will help to highlight what is happening to the Amazon, its people and its natural habitats. We will submit the petition to the governments of all those countries represented by our signatoires.  Please join us to help protect our planet, our biosphere and its future for the generations to come.