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National Government swimming incentives for all Aussie babies, toddlers, and kids!

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Swimming is a basic life skill that everyone should learn. Too many baby and toddler drowning's have taken place since I have become a parent, and that was only 4 years ago!

My daughter has been doing swimming lessons since she was 1, and I still am extremely cautious and observant when she's around any body of water. It costs me $140 per term for one child. I'm sure there are many others that either pay more for their kids to learn how to swim and be educated on water safety, and then there are those families that simply cannot afford it at all.

I know I wouldn't mind my taxes going towards teaching every child (FROM the age of 6 months - from the age of 5 is too late) to swim or at the very least, doggy paddle  as well as understand the importance of water safety. Isn't the Aussie lifestyle about the outdoors, beautiful beaches, backyard swimming pool bomb jumps, splashing your mates and balancing on a pool noodle? I remember when I was young it was all about how many legs I could swim between, if I could do a handstand without getting water up my nose and about splashing my parents without them noticing it was me.  Then of course there was the synchronised swimming practice ;)

Why can't the government consider putting funds into subsidising swimming lessons as they do Daycare rebates? Or provide an incentive of some sort. Or spread awareness to all on the importance of water safety. I know it may not be this simple but surely it's something that needs serious consideration! I'm not asking for a handout, I'm happy to spend time and money educating my kids on water safety, I just think the Aussie Government should offer an incentive!

Please if you agree with me, please join me in signing this petition and lets spread the word!

Thanks :)

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