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Lets get Melissa Bachman back on NatGeo

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If you sign this please make sure that you share it. The people who petitioned to get her off the air had 16,000 signatures in 24 hrs and we are at 800 in 4 days We need to meet this goal quickly so anything any of yall can do to help will be greatly appreciated. Recently there was a petition to keep Melissa Bachman from appearing on an Alaskan Survival show for National Geographic. National Geographic said they have further reflected and made the decision to eliminate Melissa Bachman because of her hunting background. The petition's author, Tim Martell of Ft. Myers, Fla., wrote: "When I was young, nothing was more exciting than hearing the magnificent sound of the trumpets of National Geographic blaring on the TV in the other room. ... But lately, the famous sound of trumpets has transformed into the sound of bugles. Bugles that sound to mark the death of our precious wildlife that National Geographic once protected. Bugles that sound to mark .... a trophy hunt!"

He called Bachman a "heartless trophy hunter who has killed hundreds of animals without purpose" and urged National Geographic to "distance themselves from her." But what NatGeo doesnt understand is that a lot of us hunters also watch their programing. I my self have been a fan of Natgeo since I was kid as well. Sign this petition to show your support to Melissa and the entire hunting community.l. It is important that we get her back on this show on NatGeo because tree huggin hippies are always crying and they are always getting their way because of it. Who cares if you dont like the show, you dont have to watch it. What about us who do want to watch the show. 

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