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Dr. Mike Cavanaugh

Nat Geo: Show Acceptable Practices on 'The Incredible Dr. Pol'

This National Geographic show hurts animals and their owners by promoting substandard medicine. The state board has judged three of the four veterinarians in the featured practice guilty of incompetence and negligence. Continuing to air the show promotes substandard medicine to the public. This will result in harm to more animals and their owners because people will think this substandard care is acceptable. This is below the standards we expect from National Geographic and tarnishes the brand.

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National Geographic Russell Howard
National Geographic Chris Albert
National Geographic Lindsay Drewel
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National Geographic Johanna Ramos Boyer
National Geographic Rajul Mistry
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Michigan State Board Michigan State Board
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MSU CVM Dean's office Dean Chris Brown
Chair, Michigan State University Board of Trustees Joel I Ferguson
CEO, Michigan VMA Karlene Belyea
President, MVMA Sue Sayles
Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine Nancy Postorino-Reeves
Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine Colleen Thorp-Stout
Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine Chris Rohwer
National Geographic Chad Sandhas
Nat Geo WILD
AAHA Dr. Mike Cavanaugh
This petition is a line of defense against allowing animals and their owners to be harmed by substandard care.

National Geographic is promoting substandard care as not only normal but desirable by showcasing vets who have been found guilty of negligence and incompetence. This is the level of care viewers will believe is 'right' because that's how it's being shown.

National Geographic should not be allowed to train the nation to accept substandard care as the norm because it makes for high ratings. In their race to get to the top of the ratings chart they are winning the race to the bottom of the heap.

I do not intend to join them. I am taking a stand that national shows promoting veterinary care and the veterinary profession should not feature vets who've been found negligent and incompetent. Please join the effort to get this show cancelled.