We stand with Vick - 2020 Pro Bowl Captain

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Unfortunately, there are people in this society that will not allow individuals to evolve and grow, but we are gonna counter act that position.  We understand that all men sin and fall short of the glory of God and deserve second chances.  We, the supporters of this petition stand with the NFL's selection to have Michael Vic be one of the captains at the 2020 Pro Bowl. 

It is amazing how some people in society can somehow be forgiven for their crimes and be allowed to move forward with their lives while others fall prey to constant and continuous condemnation and scrutiny.  WE ARE NOT HAVING IT!  Just like he has individuals or groups that are against him, he has an ENTIRE VILLAGE that supports and stands with him!  For every action there is a reaction and this is ours. These collected signatures are evidence that HE IS NOT ALONE.  

We will not sit back and continuously stand on the sidelines while we see these injustices play out before our eyes.  We have a voice, we have a position and this is our stand.  

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