Stand with Michael Vick against his racist detractors.

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Michael Vick was recently selected to be a captain in the upcoming 2020 pro bowl along with several other NFL greats , Michael Vick has served his time in prison for his role in the dog fighting scandal, He has paid his debt to society and should be allowed to live his life in peace and able to pursue what ever dreams he chooses. 

In a nation that claims to be built on Christian principles, I don't see the Christ in the people that continue to speak out against him and his ability to enjoy his life to the fullest, I and many others are tired of these racists disguised as animal lovers trying to control this mans every move, if they could, they would deny him the ability to simply breathe. Enough is enough, the NFL should in no way shape or form, bend the knee to these people. Stand with Vick as I am.

It's time for certain members of society to stand and face the mirror and admit what they're hate for this man is truly based on, it's more than just a dog, it's the hate that this country was founded on for a race of people that simply want to live in peace and not constantly be harassed for wanting to simply be. 

There are many white athletes that have done a lot worse , Ben Roethlisberger, is one that comes to mind that these same petitioners still stand and cheer for , He is a man that was accused of sexual assault not once but twice and he has never been vilified the way that Vick has been and continues to be, Enough is enough ! 

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