Reinstate National FFA Officer Lyle Logemann

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          On or around June 4, 2020 National FFA Officer Lyle Logemann was removed from his position based on comments he made in 2015-2017, on social media. Non of these comments where racist or harmful. Lyle was wrongfully removed, and I believe discriminated for exercising his right to free speech.

          FFA is a non bias organization who welcomes all. Who welcomes the voice of the black community, so much so that FFA elected a African American woman to the National FFA Presidency in 2017. Unfortunately they have failed many of those members by removing Mr. Logemann. By removing Mr. Logemann they have also removed FFA members voices. After many years of stressing to such members to voice there opinion. Opinions that are shared in many of the CDE's that us members have come to love and compete in.  

          By signing this petition you are standing up for the right to free speech. Your standing up to a Organization that has unfortunately failed its members, and has openly silenced a tram mate of our National Officer Team.  I stand with Lyle and any other member that has been discriminated, for excursing there rights, for the color of there skin, or the way they live.  Its with these findings I urge you to sign this petition, and demand that a change be made for the terrible miscarrage of justice.