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Speak Out Against Turkey Torture

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Speak Out Against Turkey Torture

I am an investigator with Mercy For Animals Canada, and I worked undercover at Hybrid Turkeys in Bright, Ontario — a factory farm owned by the second-largest turkey producer in the world.

Every day, I saw turkeys with open wounds, rotting eyes, and festering infections left without any veterinary care. I saw birds who had been bred to grow so large and so rapidly that they became crippled under their own weight. And I saw turkeys being punched, thrown, and beaten with metal rods and shovels.

Turkeys are every bit as capable of experiencing pain and suffering as dogs and cats, and deserve the same protection from abuse and cruelty.

The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) — the Canadian agricultural industry organization that establishes codes of practice for producers — is currently reviewing the turkey code. This code of practice has important legal significance because it sets the standard for what is accetable practice.

The NFACC has been responsive to public concerns in the past and recently amended their Pig Code of Practice to prohibit various cruel and inhumane practices - including the practice of cramming pregnant pigs in crates barely larger than their bodies. Please join me in encouraging them to consider the plights of turkeys too. 

I am asking NFACC to establish a comprehensive code of practice for turkey producers in order to ensure the following common-sense protections:

- Immediate treatment for all sick or injured birds, and if necessary, humane euthanasia by a qualified veterinarian

- An immediate end to breeding turkeys to grow so large they become crippled under their own weight

- Installation of video monitoring systems in all facilities that handle farmed animals, and live streaming of footage to the internet to prevent malicious animal abuse

Please sign my petition asking NFACC to do the right thing and help prevent turkey abuse.

Thank you,


MFA Canada Undercover Investigator

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