We Say No to an Industrial Port in Shimoni and Wasini's Channel

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We protest with the people of Wasini and its voiceless flora & fauna against the construction of a big industrial fishing port in Wasini's channel. The amazingly varied and healthy marine habitat, the rare natural beauty of the waters and the island itself must by all means be preserved for everyone, including future generations of residents and tourists. The construction of a major port right opposite of a carbon-neutral island and protected marine areas is by no means a step forward in the right direction – we are categorically opposed to this destructive project. Industrial projects do not belong in pristine nature environments.

Research shows that the variety of reef fish species is indeed higher in the Community Conservation Area located in front of Wasini’s school and madrassa than in the Marine National Park (NP). Although up to date no such research has been undertaken for the northern Wasini waters in general, we have the most extensive experience and thousands of feedback from snorkelers that wildlife sightings are exceptionally good all along the northern coast (i.e. channel). Up to now, it is a paradise for snorkelers. The report classifies this natural bounty as dispensable by suggesting a transplant of the corals from the island’s Marine Conservation Area. This suggestion is a proof of a complete lack of assessment of the importance of this ecosystem to Wasini’s population, the Kenyan people, and holiday makers from all over the world