Make August 21st National Meme Day

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On August 21st, 2018 our beloved friend and meme Stefán Karl Stefánsson passed away due to bile duct cancer complications. In his memory we demand that August 21st is Officially recognized as National Meme Day in his memory. 

There has never been a warmer, more kind, more gentle soul to ever grace the face of this earth. Ensure his legacy lives on frens.

It would be amazing if we could get the National Day Calendar to present his family a plaque in his honor for establishing the first National Meme Day.



From His Wikipedia Page:

Stefán Karl's career started in 1994. At the age of 19, he worked as a puppeteer for television. During his years as a puppeteer, he had also been studying at the Drama Academy of Iceland. However, he was unsatisfied with the perspectives of Icelandic drama standards. He recalls that his principal at his high school said that "Acting is not about making faces and changing your face", which he disagreed with.

Later, Stefán Karl had been invited by Magnús Scheving, an Icelandic gymnast, to portray one of the characters in the second LazyTown play. Scheving created the plays due to his concerns about Iceland's younger generation lacking sufficient physical exercise. Stefán Karl explained that "[Scheving] wanted the kids to get healthier, so he created this musical called LazyTown. He played Sportacus, the fitness fanatic, and I was Robbie Rotten, the guy who liked to stay indoors and sleep". After initial success with the musical, Nickelodeoneventually made a deal with the creators of LazyTown to air the first 40 episodes of LazyTown along with a special studio built in Iceland. During the first few years of LazyTown in the early 2000s, Stefán Karl initially knew no English, but soon became fluent.

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