A Call for Stricter Implementation of PWD Laws in the Philippines

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Let us help make the Philippines closer to becoming a PWD-friendly country!

According to the study of the UP Center for Local and Regional Governance (UP CLRG), only 60% of local government units (LGUs) in the Philippines have Persons with Disability Offices (PDAO). The absence of PDAOs in local governments has impaired the implementation of Republic Act 10754 or the Magna Carta for PWDs.

This study only goes to show that, up to now, our country is still far from becoming PWD-inclusive.

While working on our ‘i Juander’ episode regarding PWDs, we’ve observed that though there are laws about the benefits and privileges of PWDs in the Philippines, these laws are lacking strict implementation, compliance, and practice -- especially the laws on accessibility and mobility for PWDs.

According to Republic Act 10524 or Magna Carta for the Disabled, tax deductions will be rewarded to companies who will hire PWDs. But, the Department of Labor and Employment themselves admit that some private sectors are uncertain in employing PWDs as part of their workforce.

By signing this petition, you’re taking a stand on the following:

  • Strengthened monitoring of the implementation of the Persons with Disability Offices (PDAO),
  • Clearly established PWD representation or participation in the local goverment units (LGUs),
  • Stricter implementation and enactment of PWD laws,
  • Increased awareness of the RA 10070 (Establishing Institutional Mechanism To Ensure The Implementation of Programs And Services For Persons With Disabilities In Every Province, City and Municipality) among local legislators to recognize the PWDs’ interests better,
  • Stricter enactment of punishments for the non-compliance of the RA 10070, 
  • Provision of more PWD-friendly comfort rooms especially in public schools and other public establishments,
  • More job opportunities for PWDs in public and private companies, and
  • Stricter punishments for those non-compliant to giving PWDs discounts in transportation, and the like.

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