Justice for Rashmi, who was pregnant and was killed by her in-laws for dowry.

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She was a daughter.
She was a sister.
She was a wife.
She was murdered for dowry.

My sister, Rashmi Upadhyay, was married to Shivkishan Upadhyay, s/o Nagendra Prasad Upadhyay, with all pomp and shell. Shivkishan belongs to a very powerful and reputed family from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Shivkishan's family had demanded
dowry during the time of the wedding which we had obliged according to our capacity. This marriage took place on the 10th of December, 2018. Since then my sister had been living at her in-laws' place.

Her husband (Shivkishan Upadhyay) along with his father (Nagendra Prasad Upadhyay), his paternal uncle (Mahendra Upadhyay),
his brother(Jaikishan Upadhyay), his mother and his uncle's wife have been torturing and beating her since then due to our inability to fulfill their dowry demand. Amidst all these, my sister somehow managed to call us and inform us what had been happening and that her in-laws are demanding Rs 10,00,000 (Ten Lakh) more as dowry. Listening to which we went straight to her place and pleaded them that we will be trying to fulfill their demand at the earliest and requested them not to torture our daughter anymore. We were miserable and downhearted because we were helpless and incapable of helping our princess and free her from the barbaric toll she had been facing. 

On the 4th of April, 2020 at around 09:19 am we received a call from in-laws asking us to come to their place as soon as possible because Rashmi was very ill. We reached her place and found out that the gate, which had a two-sided lock, was locked and was claimed to be locked from the inside. The police came and broke the gate and her body was found hanging from the ceiling fan.

We have been fighting for her justice since then because we know Rashmi was very strong as she would never end up committing suicide. Moreover, she had a life within her, she was pregnant. She had been beaten ruthlessly and faced continuous barbarism from the Money Thirsty Monsters. We belong to a lower-middle-class family and we don't have the adequate sources and power and money to get the justice she deserves as her in-laws are very rich and strong and have good political connections. Her husband is SI and her father-in-law is a criminal lawyer.

We request your help and support. Please.