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There are 2 Videos here the one at the legislature's is PUBLIC - it and others can be viewed on the ULSTER COUNTY NY LEGISLATURE WEBSITE-you can see many of the public videos of our CO-ADVOCATES THERE; The 2nd one below is in PUNISHED FOR BEING A MOTHER- Its very difficult to watch  but this is what OUR OWN COUNTRY IS DOING TO SO MANY & ABUSING VICTIMS AND HARMING OUR CHILDREN ...IT MUST STOP 

Countless Americans are violated each day by family court- However, in Ulster county NY- Ulster county Judge Anthony McGinty has rendered more UNLAWFUL court orders, had violated his oath of office, has violated parental rights, has endangered more children NYS penal law 260.10, has tortured and abused more mothers and harmed more children even to the point of death by his negligent orders. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND HE IS IMPEACHED AT ONCE. He has been there way too many years and done far too much damage. His violations include criminal, constitutional, ADA, treason, federal statutes include but not limited to 18 U.S CODE SECTIONS 241 & 242. He has a pattern of retaliation and abuse that has endangered victims of domestic violence and endangered children. He calls it "his court" he does not pay attention to evidence and makes decisions in seconds without looking into facts. Thus, causing irreparable damages to families. This is a serious issue occurring for years in the Ulster county family court however, Anthony McGinty has a pattern of abuses primarily against good protective mothers. He will defend abusive mothers and "go light on them" NY APPELLATE COURT rendered his decision WRONG when a child was murdered in his mothers care and never saw a second of punishment. Anthony McGinty will order warrants to have innocent protective mothers arrested for doing what comes naturally "protecting their children from harm" Anthony McGinty targets advocates and whistle blowers who report him. He was not voted in to office- he ran un-opposed causing a very serious concern to voters and tax-payers. He is also known for typing his own transcripts and giving public defenders to wealthy litigants.