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Allocate more funds towards childhood cancer research.

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Childhood cancer is overlooked dramatically by the National Cancer Institute. The NCI allocated a miserable 4% of it's funds to all childhood cancers which are made up of numerous different types including Leukemia, Neuroblastoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Wilms Tumor, Hodgkin disease, and many many others which are uniquely different in diagnosis, structure, and research.

Over the past four years, the NCI has reduced it's funding towards pediatric cancer research from $240 million in 2009 to $197 million in 2011. At the same time it has increased it's funding each year for Breast Cancer research, a single type of cancer, to $631 Million. Additionally, the American Cancer Society, the second biggest contributor to Breast Cancer research and the largest generator of donations, also donates a dismal 1% to childhood cancer.

You might think again when you donate to an organization who posts pictures of children battling cancer for it's "relay for life" advertising and then allocates only $100 for every $10,000 of donations towards finding a cure for our children.

Studies by the NCI itself show the occurrence of childhood cancer is on the increase over the past 40 years. Some types of childhood cancers have increased in occurrence by over 100% in that same time frame.

America needs to stop turning it's back on children battling cancer. Yes, it's easy to see a child fighting cancer, feel pity, and then move on and forget what you saw but not for the thousands of children and their families living it every day.

We need to demand that the Federally funded National Cancer Institute allocate more of our tax payer dollars to what is most important to us, our CHILDREN.

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