A grassroots human rights initiative to address the impact of the United States 'War on Drugs', particularly its impact throughout urban America.

During 2009, as part of our ongoing effort to end gang and drug related violence, the National Council for Urban Peace and Justice ( NCUPJ ) http://www.ncupj.net sponsored a series of community forums. These forums were the initial jump-start for the Campaign for Drug De-Criminalization and Amnesty.

Our postion and call to action include the following:

1. Repeal legislation and criminal codes that criminalize drug use, sales and low-level distribution which contribute to mass incarceration.

2. Development of a comprehensive AMNESTY PROGRAM for those convicted of drug related offenses in order to address issues of structural bias and inequality.

3. Replace law enforcement focus with focus on recovery, rehabilitation and treatment.

4. Provide comprehensive social service and human development support services such as counseling, therapy, housing, employment, job training and life skills.

5. The epidemic of urban violence has been exacerbated by the "war on drugs" and used as a pretext to justify containment and disfranchisement.

Letter to
The President of the United States
We are demanding an end to the forty-year old 'War on Drugs'. The 'War on Drugs' has not only proven to be unsuccessful in addressing the issues of illegal and illicit drug consumption and distribution, but has contributed significantly to the epidemic of urban violence, mass incarceration and disfranchisement among U.S. ethnic and racial national minorities.

In the United States of America, disproportionate numbers of African-Americans and Latinos are targeted, arrested and incarcerated for drug related offenses. The 'War on Drugs' has been used as a pretext for justifying racial profiling, community repression, disfranchisement and mass incarceration.

We demand an end to this racially motivated and economically irrational policy and practice.
We demand policies and practices that are in accord with Universal Human Rights & which represent the best interest of all peoples of these United States. We, the People, demand Drug De-Criminalization and Amnesty.

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