NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR CASSIE'S LAW for safer railways for dog and owner

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Hundreds of dogs are killed or maimed on railway lines in the UK. This has to stop. Dogs are innocent casualties on land where currently no law exists to protect them, nor to assist their owners at such a distressing time. This campaign aims to implement procedures enforceable by law to which Network Rail and all Train Operators must abide.

This tragic, needless loss of life is not the fault of dog owners. The public has placed its trust in the authorities responsible for the safety of our parks and public places. It is inconceivable that a railway track running through a park could be without safety fencing. Yet, too many public parks remain unprotected, or with fencing not maintained. Too many tracks are hidden by bushes.

The severe lack of incident reporting and assistance provided to dog owners by the Rail Authorities, is totally unacceptable. The vast majority of dogs are never reported. Network Rail does not even uphold its own procedure. Its not just dogs that are hit, or that step on a live rail; sometimes its horses, other domestic animals and even their owners.

These statistics have been kept quiet for too long. Yes, we need trains. Yes, there are hundreds of miles of track, but in this day and age where Health and Safety is paramount, why is the railway seemingly exempt? How can a “heavily regulated industry” have a severe lack of safety in public areas?

There is no legal recourse for a domestic animal on a track. If a vehicle driver hits a dog, by law it must be reported: not so for the railway. Network Rail’s management is fond of stating it has “no duty to domestic dogs”. Nor to the owners whose lives have been shattered; nor to the owners still searching in vain months, even years, later; nor to a third of the human population whose pets are family. To not care about dogs is to not care about the public that owns them.

Network Rail offers many conflicting statements to desperate owners. It states dogs are rarely hit; that all dogs are logged; that trains are stopped for a dog: in fact it says a lot of things, but we know different. The truth provides its own evidence. Network Rail states it abides by the law; if that is true then that law is outdated and must be changed.

We would like to thank those kind individuals who, where Network Rail had failed, demonstrated kindness and compassion to both dog and owner. You are a beacon in an organisation that has become morally desensitised.

Please sign our petition; join our campaign. Please don’t think it won’t happen to you; help us now before it has a chance to.

This campaign is in memory of my beloved Cassie, who gave her life so others may live. God bless you, my baby. x

Honouring the lives of all our precious dogs lost to the railways. God bless you all, sweet angels, whoever you are, wherever you are, including: Cassie, Badger, Treacle, Violet, Poppy, Bailey, Ozzy, Rocket, Marley, Enya, Phoebe, Toby, Patch, Macey, Winnie, Lady, Zeus, Sweetie, Chiquot, Misha, Sahsa, Kai, Mole, Charlie, Paddy, Mimi, Sandy, Amber, Mr T, Daisy, Jayda, Biba, Inca, Poppy, Cara, Kerry, Mia, Jack, Stanley, Caramel, Charlie, Grace, Harry, Bramble, Foster, Ozzy, Bonny, Lucy, Mass, Honey, Rosie, Henny, Ross, Angel, Rosie, Marley, Safi, Bayer, Roxy, Sidney, Bella, Rosie, Sky, Albert, Daphne, Ben, Jolly, Freddie, Carrie, Cinta, Summer, Bernie, Charlie, Jet, Ronnie, Sasha, Chloe, Fudge, Bella, Buzz, Bella, Blossom, Hermes, Caber, Frank, Zack, Poppy, Monkey, Dorie, Grisle, Millie, Suzy, Merlin, Millie, Elsa, Fizz, Max, Ebony, Roxanne, Lightning, Cordi, Cooper, Scally, Izzy, Lilly, Lurchie, Mylo, Kirsty, Indie, Benji, Mal, Zack, Harry, Scruff, Max & Alfie, Poopy & Cat, Pliuska, Tye, Si, Kauto, Costello, Cody, Milly, Shadow, Ice, Bambi, Bertie, Busby, China, Prancer, Kirsty, Massey, Precious, Bonnie, Miku, Bubs, Macy, and on and on and, unconfirmed: Minkata, Bailey, Lovey, and on............ 


If your dog has gone missing, for any reason, anywhere in the UK, please go to  as they can help you find him/her.