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National Appraisers Petition To Boycott Appraisal Management Companies

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As a professional appraiser I attest that the Home Valuation Code Of Conduct (HVCC) & Dodd Frank bill have successfully allowed the banking industry to transform my profession into nothing more than banking profit centers through the proliferation of AMCs.  The April 1, 2011 customary & reasonable fee hoax created by the partnership of the banking lobby and the U.S. government was the last straw.  As a result I agree to particpate in this national boycott in an attempt to reclaim my profession.

As professional appraisers we demand the following:  

*Customary & Reasonable Compensation (as defined by the VA Fee Schedule)

*Adequate Turn Time For Sound Research (48 to 72 hours for the average home)

*Ability To Collect Our Fee At The Door Or 24 Hour Online Payment From AMCs

*Separation Of AMC & Appraisal Fees On The HUD-1

*Reasonable Compensation For Additonal Comparable Sales Requests

*Reasonable Compensation For All Addition Forms (Includes 1004MC)

*Specific Restrictions On Lender & AMC Blacklisting

As a member of this boycott I am prepared to turn away AMC orders (when the time arrives) until the our demands are met.  In the event that they are not met I agree to extend our boycott to ALL appraisal orders in an attempt to shut down the national mortgage market.  I also agree to do my part by having 10 other appraisers sign this petition.


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